Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Healthy New Land for Military Families

Bratland. I like the word. It is one that military families everywhere will recognize. Thankfully, they won't need to transfer to a new station in a different country to find it. Bratland is in cyberspace, in the corner where Compassion and Hope meet.

This healthy new land is a place where military families--children and their parents--can find encouragement, inspiration, and hope. My faithful readers will remember the Little Pink Books and the Little Patriot Books I translated and edited over the last few years. Written with a touch of whimsy by Maryann Makekau and beautifully illustrated by her talented son, these books help people going through tough journeys like Alzheimer's, cancer, and military deployments. You can find links to the different titles by scrolling down the right column of my blog. You will also find links there to my Health & Hope Corner at Hope Matters.

Follow this link to my latest contribution to their blog, A Doctor's Welcome to a Healthy New Land: Bratland! And let your military friends know so they can pack their imaginary bags and check in.

Because hope matters,
Dr Mari

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