Sunday, September 28, 2014

Great Resource for Fertility Info/Family Planning

Hello, friends! I write to spread the word about a new website with trustworthy information and resources to empower women and engage men to appreciate and learn more about their fertility. Many women and couples are seeking alternatives to artificial contraception. Others have suffered from infertility that remains undiagnosed and may not realize there are well-researched, sound, and medically safe alternatives to artificial reproductive technologies. This new website is full of facts and resources (including links to excellent articles) for women and couples seeking answers and help.

Check out Facts About Fertility and share it with others! I have the privilege of serving as their editor and have been impressed with their level of expertise, knowledge, and evidence-based approach.

Facts to Ponder: If a healthy woman is fertile no more than 80 days a year, why do so many women choose to use daily contraception when they're already, by design, not fertile 285 out of 365 days? Is this a healthy and wise choice when it is a known fact that hormonal contraception can cause (or contribute to) depression, blood clots, headaches, high blood pressure, strokes, cancer, and more? Learn more here.

Be well!
Dr Mari

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