Thursday, February 27, 2014

Healing Hearts: The Power of Prayer

This month, my 25-day study of the book of Hebrews is included in The Journey, a quarterly publication of Bible Reading Fellowship. Here is an excerpt from one of the reflections I wrote this summer for the latest edition of The Journey.

As I headed for work earlier this week, I was sad, missing our sweet dog that just died. But more than my pain, I was suffering over the sense of loss in my children's young hearts. My soul needed to find its green pastures even as I helped them heal.

In the family medicine clinic where I worked that morning, I start each day by praying with our staff. We spend a few minutes sharing our hearts and our needs. We then pray together, acknowledging God as our provider and healer. We ask to be Christ's hands and feet, to have His compassion, and to stay close to Him while caring for people.

That day I showed up with such a heavy heart that I didn't even feel like praying. But as I saw my coworkers' faces, my heart softened, for I know their struggles and hurts, too. Some of my pain began to melt as I considered their needs.

Somewhat reluctantly, still, I asked if they wanted to pray. They did, so we prayed, and lightness returned to my soul. As I share in my book, Walking with Jesus in Healthcare, God does draw near to us when we draw near to Him (James 4:8).

The first couple I treated that morning spontaneously shared what God was doing in their lives. They were excited to tell me about a mission trip that was coming up and all the ways God had provided for them. After addressing their medical needs, I asked with renewed joy whether they wanted to thank God together. As we offered a prayer to our faithful God, I felt like I'd been healed. My heart was no longer heavy at all. It was light and full of joy! I had experienced once more the fruit of faith: living in God's presence, where healing, restoration, and joy are never far.

Are you living in a valley where even praying is hard? Tell someone you trust, and ask him or her to pray for you. Offer your pain and your losses to God. He can do anything.

Dr Mari

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