Sunday, November 25, 2012

Today, I Am Thankful - Again!

Today, I am thankful.
I am thankful for a new day and the opportunities it brings.
I am thankful for children's laughter, for their honesty and innocence.
I am thankful for the gift of life and health, 
for the ability to walk, talk, hear, see, and admire God's creation.
I am thankful for friends who stay near when it matters most 
and I am thankful for the memories that keep old friends near.
I am thankful for family, for love,
 and for the mundane of every-day living.

I am thankful for trials, for tough times, for people who stretch me.
I am thankful for the priceless gift of true friendship.
I am thankful for rainy days that force me to slow down
and cherish the simple.
I am thankful for God's gifts and my ability to develop and use them.

I am thankful for God and His goodness. 
I am thankful for the sacrifice that opened the door to Life eternal.
I am thankful for God's Word and its riches, its challenges, and its Truth.
I am thankful for God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
I am thankful for the mystery
and I am thankful for its miraculous nearness.
I am thankful for mercy, forgiveness, and grace.

Today and every day, 
I am thankful.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanksgiving: My New Book is Coming Soon!

12/12 UPDATE: My devotional for healthcare professionals and caregivers is now available! Visit my author website for details! 

To all my faithful followers and encouragers,

I am thrilled to share that I just finished the final round of edits for my devotional, Walking with Jesus in Healthcare. With God's help, it will be in print very soon! My faith has grown and my heart has been transformed while writing it, and I pray that it will bless every reader with a closer walk with God.

Here's an excerpt I share at the end of the book. It comes from a hymn written by Fanny Crosby in 1882. It is also the song of my heart as I complete this work I was called to do. What a privilege!

"Oh, the unsearchable riches of Christ,
wealth that can never be told!
Riches exhaustless of mercy and grace,
precious, more precious than gold!

Oh, the unsearchable riches of Christ!
Freely, how freely they flow,
making the souls of the faithful and true
happy wherever they go!

Oh, the unsearchable riches of Christ!
Who would not gladly endure
trials, afflictions, and crosses on earth,
riches like these to secure!"

Wishing you a strong faith and a life full of true riches,
Dr Mari

For more information and updates, visit my author website.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Morning Inspiration

"It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching." 
(St Francis of Assisi)

May this song inspire us to live congruent lives where the thoughts of our minds and the inclinations of our hearts translate into actions that witness to Christ's presence and activity in a broken world.

Relying on His Grace,
Dr Mari

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