Monday, May 27, 2019

My New Book is Now Available!!


My book, Recapturing Joy in Medicine, is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

It's been a tremendous privilege to research, write, and work on this project for years, including pursuing further training (beyond being a Board-certified family physician) as a health and wellness coach, in leadership coaching, and in targeted coaching to prevent physician burnout and support my colleagues on a journey to greater meaning and joy.     I have learned so much from my colleagues. This resource is an expression of my gratitude for you your dedication, unswerving commitment to our patients, and excellence and my desire to bless, encourage, and empower each of you!
The book is interactive, practical, and hopeful as well as a call to action. I remind physicians of the sacrifices we made to become physicians and of the privilege we have to care for our patients in what remains a noble profession!




Written by a physician still navigating the dizzying reality of our healthcare crisis, this book inspires a proactive journey toward personal wellness, professional fulfillment, and a deeper sense of meaning. Fully informed yet not disheartened by modern hurdles, Dr. Sánchez confronts barriers and highlights what must be done to preserve the patient-physician relationship, restore our hearts, and rekindle the sacred in our noble profession.

Thank you for helping spread the word about this unique resource for physicians, medical students, residents, fellows, medical schools, training programs, hospitals ... and all who love and work alongside these dedicated professionals!

My new website is now live; check it out HERE!

Special thanks to my wonderful husband and children and to so many friends who are like family for your loving support and encouragement throughout the writing process! A special heartfelt thanks to every one of you in my support team during unexpected challenges that transformed both the book and its author! Thank you to all who reviewed the manuscript and offered such valuable input. And my deep gratitude to every physician who reviewed the manuscript and offered advice and encouragement and such lovely endorsements of the book and my work on behalf of physicians and patients. The journey has been long and full of obstacles and, yet, here we are!! Just like our training: every drop of sweat and tears and all the long nights are worth it to experience the joy that awaits in the morning

I am thrilled to share this unique resource. I have not seen another book like it, so I pray it is read by everyone who needs it (and by leaders in medical schools, residency programs, and hospitals who can make it accessible to those who need it but may not otherwise know about it!). My sincere hope is that this book will help transform the culture of medicine while equipping and inspiring my colleagues in their daily lives and workfor their benefit and that of our patients.

Be well, and thanks for helping me spread the word!

Dr. Mari (Amaryllis)

P.S. Contact me HERE with your feedback, comments, and questions, and share the link to the book with your family, friends, and colleagues! 

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