Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Your Plans, His Plans

This is a guest post by author and inspirational speaker, Maryann Makekau. Her career in psychology spans two decades, with an emphasis on research, writing, advocacy and crisis intervention. She travels the country sharing hope and founded Hope Matters Productions to make a difference in hurting lives worldwide.

When I reached out for a foreword writer of
When Your Teacher Has Cancer (my first Little Pink Book) I gained so much more. It’s quite magnificent when your plan turns into God’s plan! That is exactly what’s happened over the last two years.
My intention in writing that first book was simply to bless a friend in need. The story began on pink paper accompanied by basic stick-figures, bound for a 2nd grade classroom. That reading revealed a need well beyond those walls. Every child’s hand went up when I asked, “How many of you have known someone with cancer?” Within hours of that reading, I began receiving (adult) requests to publish the title. That led me to contact Dr. Mari.
A meaningful book deserves a great layout and relevant endorsements. I’d known Dr. Mari for years, as a professional, prayer-warrior, and friend. What I didn’t know was her strong connection with this Little Pink Book. Just as those 2nd graders were linked to a loved one’s cancer experience, so was Dr. Mari. At 20 years of age, she’d lost her mother to breast cancer. Although the loss surpassed her childhood, it didn’t surpass her need for Mom. No matter what age, child-like emotions surface when a parent falls ill. The child tucked inside cries out for comfort, understanding and healing.
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Oftentimes after delivering a talk, I’m approached by women, and men, with tears streaming down their face. Their tears are grateful, healing tears. In sharing the hope inside my Little Pink Books, it’s vital to talk about a child’s heart-needs. Children need a voice when they’re thrust into a loved one’s journey through cancer. Whether the outcome is borrowed time through remission or time stolen away by cancer’s grip—loss is part of the equation. Yet, so is Hope.
God’s plan: use these Little Pink Books to share hope; use our expertise as an instrument of healing; and use our passion to make a difference in hurting lives. Dr. Mari joined hands with me as a Pink-enthusiast—celebrating her mother’s life by writing a relevant foreword. Her enthusiasm quickly revealed a bigger plan in this Little Pink Book journey. As translator, copy-editor and blogger, her Pink enthusiasm became an integral part of Hope Matters Productions.
A Little Pink Book grew into a company, with a vision to inspire others with the “infectious quality of Hope.” Thank you, Dr. Mari, for embracing a bigger plan. You’ve demonstrated that when you don’t allow loss to diminish your hope, it can be used in unimaginable ways. Shine on... share your radiant glow of hope. It’ll light the path for God’s amazing plans!
Maryann Makekau, © 2011


  1. Thank you. You're a blessing to my work & my life.

  2. I just read about the "Little Pink Book" and what touched me the most was the comment about"no matter what age, child-like emotions surgace when a parent falls ill." WOW! how true and we least forget about the child and focus on the dying. Thank you Maryann for this enlightment. I deal with the dying daily in geriactic nursing. I won't stop focusing on the dying but will certainly pay more attention to the living children and their emotions. When a parent is placed in a nursing home, the children have a hard time with our rules and regulations that they are not aware of. Their emotions are certainly jumbled up in their mind. May our precious L-rd bless them with peace and comfort at these times.

    Thank you Mari for posting this for us, your followers. You are a blessing not only to us, but to G-d whose works you are doing.

    Connie Standish

  3. Good morning, Connie! I wrote an article where I share the unexpected healing and blessing I received as I translated and copy edited the books. I experienced what Proverbs 11:25 teaches, that "...he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed." When we give our gifts to God, He receives the offering and blesses it, changing us in the process. What a perfect plan!

    Thanks for sharing and following Dr Mari's Faith Stop!


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