Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Injury - A Megaphone!

So I hurt my hand. My right hand. My writing hand. Just as I was starting to add the final edits to my book. So instead of editing bliss, I have four more weeks to learn to appreciate the splint that protects my right thumb and my wrist's scaphoid, the bone I hurt when I fell off my bike.

And, yes, I recognize that I just started two sentences with "so" and another with a preposition, but remember. No editing bliss. My writing captain is on strike. By that, of course, I mean my right thumb. The space bar is critical to a writer, and the left thumb has way too many duties now.

All that said, there have been some benefits to this nuisance of an injury. Like my sweet husband putting my hair up when I opt for a pony tail - which is every morning now - mostly so I get to watch him do it. Too cute!

I've also realized how much I ignore my left hand when I'm well, relying heavily on my dominant hand. How often we use only some of the gifts God gave us while others lie dormant, unused and under-developed! I'm committed to using my left hand more after my right hand heals.

My biggest lesson came last week while Russ fetched the bag of sugar I couldn't quite grasp left-handed. I finally confessed, "I just want to be self-sufficient!"

"Really? That's what you want? Inter-dependent is what you mean. You want to let us help you when you need us, don't you?"

Well, in truth, no; I don't. I want to be able to do everything for myself with little need of others. A recovering perfectionist and type B wanna-be, I live by my to-do list and, lately, I simply cannot get it all done.

Somehow I sense that was part of God's plan in allowing this annoying detour to my perfect plans.

So what's my point? I guess I've realized how much I take for granted every single day. How much I need others. And the blessing of asking for help when I need it and accepting it with grace.

My alarm went off this morning with a song of praise. As I tested my thumb, I noticed it still hurts. So I joined the song on the radio, thanked God for another day, and walked over to my hubby, hair-tie in hand. He knew just what to do.

I'm pretty sure he smiled, and I definitely said thank you.

Dr Mari

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