Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Love Never Fails: Hope for Tough Journeys

Visit Hope Matters for Dr Mari's Health & Hope Corner for April 2012, Love Never Fails: Hope for Tough Journeys. I was inspired to write this after copyediting newly-released Little Pink Book, When Your Grandma Forgets: Helping Children Cope with Alzheimer's and Beyond. Written by Maryann Makekau, this book provides information and encouragement in a simple, even whimsical way to help families navigate the challenges of Alzheimer's disease with hope.

This month I share about meeting Robert while waiting in line at a local diner. Watching his family love him in the midst of his new life with Alzheimer's reminded me that small things done in love are not small at all. And when we love others, our own hearts are transformed as well.

Our love matters.

Dr Mari

Follow this link to the full article at Hope Matters: Love Never Fails.

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