Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Hope is Here!

In the year of the pandemic and every year,

in good times and trying times,

whether we're expectant or indifferent,   

grieving or elated,

engaged or apathetic,

regardless of our circumstances

or the state of our hearts,

our minds and our souls,

whether we see ourselves as saved 

or as sinners

or both.

Today and every day,

from this day forth, forevermore...

Hope has arrived.

Hope is here.

Hope is a Person.

His name is Jesus,

the Name above all names

at whose mention,

one day,

every knee will bow 

and every tongue confess

that he is our Lord.

A good Lord.

In him is our Hope.

He is the Hope of nations

and Lord of all.

Emmanuel is here.

Our Hope has arrived.



Wishing you a blessed Christmas with your loved ones near and far.

Hope is here. 

The very Light of the world.

The source of love, healing, and JOY.


Dr Mari 

  © 2020 Amaryllis Sánchez Wohlever, MD

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