Wednesday, August 12, 2020

An Update: Poems, Articles, & Interviews ... Sprinkled with Hope!

Goodness! So much has happened since I last posted here. This is my original blog, and it's so close to my heart. This is where I first tested my wings in the skies of blogging, and where I began to experience it's not only okay to be vulnerable, but it is also good, healing, redemptive, and necessary for our growth as human beings ... with boundaries, of course! 

I know many of you know I now also have a website and a blog for physicians there. Since my fourth book, Recapturing Joy in Medicine, published last year, I've continued to speak to medical and non-medical groups, and it's been such an enriching journey! It's been heartwarming to know that several state medical boards have read the book together, and it's also being used in medical schools and residency programs. So special! 

I've also been invited to a law school, college campuses, churches, retreat centers, and many local, state, and medical conferences and events to share a message of empowerment and hope that applies not only to medical professionals but to all of us pursuing a life of greater meaning and purpose! 

This is a timely message, indeed, during a lingering pandemic! Although it has been difficult for all of us, this challenging time has also brought opportunities for us to connect with what's most important, reassess our choices, and begin to craft something new as needed ... as we feel called. Times of suffering can spark inner growth and reignite a sense of purpose, faith, and hope, and it helps to be intentional. To this end, I continue to spread a message of hope that includes practical ways to stay inspired, engaged, and healthy!

So I've been serving in various ways throughout the pandemic, including presentations (now mostly virtually) at the state and national level (see more under the Events tab). It's been deeply meaningful and rewarding, as always ... and it's time for an update here! Below are links to some of my recent interviews, speaking engagements, articles, and more.

I'm leading a virtual book study for women physicians; let me know HERE if you's like to join us! And let me know HERE if you'd like to join a co-ed virtual group for physicians starting in the fall.

Surprised by a Song: Gifts from a Study with Women Physicians

A link to my latest peer-reviewed article ("Burnout" in the Workplace: Strategies, Omissions, and Lessons from Wounded Healers) is below, along with links to some of my recent interviews.

Humanizing our World: Articles, Interviews, and More

Below is a link to my recent interview with the international organization, Physicians Working Together. I'm honored to be an advisory board member for PWT. The interview includes some of my story from medical school with an encouraging message and reminders for med students and young physicians.

Real Lives of Physicians in Training ... and in the Pandemic

For me, the pandemic began in the Florida Capitol back in March! I was serving there as Doctor of the Day the week COVID-19 became a reality in the Sunshine State. I'm so grateful for every opportunity to contribute my voice and heart as a human being and physician at the highest levels of government and organized medicine. My purpose remains to ensure the underserved/minority groups and all people are able to receive the best care possible. It's more important than ever to speak courageously to educate our communities, our legislators, and our nation!

A Special Honor at the Capitol: Preparing for COVID-19

Below is my pandemic poem and encouragement for all of us, and one more recent interview below that!

Recapturing Joy During a Pandemic: A Few Thoughts and a Poem

Where our Power Lies: An Interview

As the pandemic lingers, turn up the volume on encouragement and hope, and turn everything else down ... or off! Stay encouraged. Stay connected. This, too, shall pass.


Dr. Mari

But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in You.

Psalm 39:7

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