Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dr Mari's Health & Hope Corner: A Spark of Hope - October 2011

Hope rises daily with each sunrise.
Follow this link to A Spark of Hope, a short read where I share sparks of hope and life I've discovered in the midst of losses. Dr Mari's Health & Hope Corner is published monthly at Hope Matters - a small thing I do with great love, as Mother Teresa taught.

I will join the HOPE team this weekend to speak at A Taste of Wellness with a Little Pink Book, a breast cancer awareness and advocacy event. I will share what I've learned on my own journey to wellness - especially that, as a doctor, the one thing I can always share with those who come to me for healing is hope, which is a wonderful, healing gift in itself!

Enjoy this month's Health & Hope Corner and join our HOPE team by sharing sparks of hope with those in your life. It's a wonderful way to live!

Spreading Hope,
Dr Mari

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