Monday, March 23, 2020

Loving Your Neighbor During a Pandemic

Follow the link to my latest post titled, Loving Your Neighbor During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. What we do over these next few weeks will determine whether our communities decrease the speed of spread of COVID-19 or contribute to its spread. It is that simple. Every state across the nation has confirmed cases already, though some states are more behind than others in their success at flattening the curve. Every action taken to slow down viral spread matters, and the time to shelter in place is NOW.

Throughout the country, medical professionals have a serious lack of sufficient and adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). In some hospitals, administrators are discouraging physicians and nurses from wearing masks, which is dangerous, unwise, and unethical. They must stop. The concern is so serious that physicians and others gathered a million signatures in a couple of days to demand increased production and adequate supplies of PPE for every medical professional and first responder urgently. Please help us buy time to fortify our defensive capability. If medical professionals are ill or need to quarantine, that means less people to care for each of us if we need it.

I am not exempt. You are not exempt. Please follow the latest guidelines and stay home. Thank you to everyone who is already being a good neighbor by doing this! While home, I am so grateful that we are not helpless. We have the gift of prayer, and suddenly we have more time with our families to do just that. Let us add prayers to our actions, and pray for the safety of our communities, families, and medical personnel. They stay at work to care for us; let us stay home for them!

And if you are able to donate or get others to donate PPE to individual medical clinics and/or hospitals, please do so. Consider calling your physician to ensure they have all they need and, if not, perhaps you can help them obtain adequate PPE. You can help solve the medical professional PPE shortage crisis within the COVID-19 crisis!

We are in this together. Thank you for being good neighbors! Read more here and please feel free to share it!

Dr. Mari (Amaryllis)

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