Saturday, February 22, 2020

Accolades for Recapturing Joy in Medicine, and Great News!

I'm super excited to announce 
is now on the shelves at 
Barnes & Noble stores!

Now available at Barnes & Noble stores!
This is a hard-to-achieve wonderful endorsement of the work, since they review thousands of books for shelf placement each year. I am SO grateful to know this well-researched, unique, practical resource for physicians, the medical team, and those who love and work with them will now be available more widely during a time when it is desperately needed.
Update added Feb 3, 2021: My Podcast Interview with the Florida Medical Association!
Want to hear some of my story and learn the "why" behind my advocacy work? Listen to my Jan 2021 interview with the CEO for the Florida Medical Association. He urges every physician to read Recapturing Joy in Medicine and calls it "a love letter to the medical profession." That is as heartwarming as it is true! 
Stay tuned for information about book signings and events I hope to coordinate both locally and perhaps even around the country when I travel this year to speak. So far, I’ll be in San Antonio, Kansas City, Washington, DC, and possibly in San Diego as well as various cities throughout Florida. And if the book is not yet available at your local B&N store, just ask them to order it and they will. This will help keep it on their shelves, so ask away!

Thank you to everyone who continues to encourage me as I write, advocate, and speak to inspire and empower those who care for others! And here’s the link if you’d like to leave a book review on B&N; apparently that helps get the word out. Thank you so much in advance!

Dr. Mari (Amaryllis)

Consider gifting your physician (or a resident, med student or fellow you love!) with a copy of the book to celebrate National Physicians Day (March 30, 2020) and National Physicians Week (March 25-31, 2020)! It would be a perfect gift!

For an excerpt from the book on the power of advocacy, read Finding Our Voice: Advocacy in Action.

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