Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Mission Statement: To Shine!

Below is my mission statement; 
I borrowed it from Salvador's song, Shine

I will continue to pursue it daily with everything I have.

When I remember my calling and when I don't.
When it matters and when it, seemingly, doesn't.
When doing so brings accolades while attracting critics and judges.
When I feel like it, and when I don't.

I want to shine.

"Lord, let me shine
Shine like the moon
A reflection of You
All that I do
Lord, let me be
A light for Your truth
Light of the world
I want to be used
To shine for You."

I want to shine ... for Him!

All light is borrowed.
He shines through us.

We shine for Him.

Dr Mari

* Photo by Manuel Díaz Photography. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission. 

For a link to Salvador's song, Shine, read On the Edge of What's Next.

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